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Gauge is a "perfect" clone illegally created by a RUBICON scientist to replace the body of his wounded lover.  This occurs long after a huge rebellion caused RUBICON to outlaw human cloning for personal reasons.  When he was discovered, Gauge, then known as 1 of 1, was captured and used as a base for RUBICON's ultimate weapon known as Salvation 1.  Equipped with a massive bomb capeable fo destroying the planet, eventually Gauge manages to escape. Unfortunately durring his dash for freedom,  Gauge is struck by a train, and injured terribly. A family of doctors known as "Angel-Ops" takes him in and cares for his wounds, but his life has only just begun. After losing the only person who ever gave his life meeting to RUBICON bounty hunters,  Gauge makes his way to Sanction 9, where he nearly gives up in his journey. Little does he know he is about to meet a nurse named Ophelia who will change his life forever.

Gauge's main objective in the story is bringing down the evil empire and gaining a sense of belonging in the world.

Ophelia is the heroine of the story. Ever since she was sixteen, she recalled a man by the name of Dublin as her guardian and protector. He had found her after the Sanction 7 orphanage that had raised her threw her onto an orphan train and sent her to Sanction 9. He bought her, married her, and gave her a place to work, which was the hospital where he worked himself, as a doctor. Dublin was much older than Ophelia, and very strict. However, he fell in love with the young woman and she could do nothing but return the 'love' in order to protect herself from him. He trained her to be a nurse and care for the sick and wounded, which became all she knew. The hospital, which was strictly for humans, refused to treat clones.

Ophelia longs to find her 'guardian angel' and be released from her life of slavery. She also dreams of finding her childhood best friend whom she was separated with when he jumped from the orphan train, leaving her with the stolen pocket watch she carries with her at all times

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Gauge Nimura
Ophelia Desdemona
Dublin  Desdemona
Dublin is Ophelia's controlling doctor husband.  He is responsible for taking her in after the orphan train brought her to Sanction 9.  Although he appears to be a kind man, he is extremely dominant. Dublin also has very close ties with higher-ups in RUBICON, and at one time, ran Serenity Hospital in Sanction 9.  He was overthrown by his peers for not allowing the hospital to treat clones.

Dublin has a deep hatred for clones, and demands that Ophelia stay away from them.

Ellie Pilato

Big beautiful nurse Ellie was the first person outside of Central-- RUBICON's core metropolis, to see Gauge, and the power behind the weapon inside of him. Gauge pushes her out of the way of a speeding train durring a blizzard saving her life. She can only watch as he tries to use the power inside of him to stop the train from crashing. Unfortunately Ellie watches helplessly as he is struck by the train, the weapon's power preventing a crash. Ellie now believes this strange young man is an angel who has been sent to her as her guardian. Her family, who just happen to be trained in the medical field, take Gauge in and care for him. If it weren't for Ellie and her family, Gauge would have died of his injuries as well as the bleeding from his severed arm. Eventually, Ellie and Gauge become attached-- and after she helps him heal, Gauge is sure he has fallen for her. The only problem is that Ellie is pregnant by her abusive, cruel ex fiance...

Ellie was unfortunately killed when a bullet meant for Gauge passes through him and strikes her, killing her instantly.  Gauge did, however, manage to save her newborn baby's life.  He forever lives with the guilt of her death, and he refers to her eternally, as his one true love.

Auturo is Ellie's "Hippie" older brother who is a doctor and surgeon.  He and his family run a small orphanage for children and a clinic for pregnant clones and humans.  He is a quiet, reserved person who loves nature and helping people. He has a soft spot for trees, children and animals.

Auturo is responsible for saving Gauge's life after he was hit by the train. He also is clueless when it
comes to matters of the heart.
Ophelia's best friend and the new head surgeon at Serenity Hospital in Sanction 9.  Monet is an extremely intelligent woman who loves her husband and 3 children.  She has sympathy for clones, and helps save Gauge when he is admitted to the hospital. 

Monet has a little sister named Vera who was kidnapped by Airship Pirates, whom she misses dearly.
Ellie and Auturo's mechanic/nurse mother who helps run the orphanage.  She also has a knack for making some of the tastiest treats Gauge has ever eaten in her kitchen.  Gauge often talks about her cakes and roasts.
Ellie's tomboy little sister who is a pilot/messenger for their company.  She is only 16 years old, but already can rebuild rustic technology and airplanes.  Gidgette is the object of Angel-Ops teen mechanic Kirin's affections.
An antique/pawn shop owner who lives in the clone slums of Sanction 9.  He discovered Gauge sick and injured in the alley behind his shop and took him in.  He gave Gauge a place to live in exchange for protecting him and his shop, and now thinks of him as a grandson.

Koto-San, aside from some RUBICON members, may very well be one of the last surviving original refugees from the Lost Era.  Because of his knowledge and wisdom, he is able to identify many lost relics and repair technology from that era.
The Baron of Sanction 9, and Gauge's registered owner.  He met Gauge at a club one night and ever since, he has been paying him in exchange for 'favors'  In return, Virgo keeps Gauge protected from RUBICON and the Panzermensch.

Virgo's attachment to Gauge stems from his taboo love for a clone woman named Jade, whom he married and raised a small family with. After she and his daughter were killed in a fire, he turned to Gauge to once again feel the soft touch of a clone.
The overall leader of RUBICON.  He is responsible for all that is corrupt in the world.  Nova is rumored to be over 100 years old, and some kind of genetic mutation.
Captain of the 8th Airship Brigade and land hunters known as Gang Green.  He runs into Ophelia and Gauge in his search for a wife, which results in all hell breaking loose.  Orleans is from the southern swamp regions and has a Cajun accent. His grandmother Mamou is a reknown Voodoo Priestess. Orleans became an Airship pirate after his Older sister Lily was kidnapped by RUBICON, her body to be used to harvest drones.  It seems as if lately, he has lost hope more than anything, and therefore leads a self-destructive lifestyle.
Rogue is the Arc General of RUBICON's NEO Faction, and is in charge of the RUBICON military.  He is partly responsible for turning Gauge into the weapon that he is.  Rogue is a fearless samurai from the eastern mountain region, and is one of the most feared men in the world.
Saffron is the Arc General of RUBCION's GENESIS Faction.  She is the other half of the responsible party for creating Salvation 1.  She is a brilliant educated machinist who helped design the Panzermensch robotic police force.  She, like Rogue is from the eastern mountain region and is a trained, skilled samurai.
Luscious is the former Arc General of RUBICON's OVERRIDE Faction, the branch of RUBICON responsible for human cloning.  Luscious is also Nova's younger broher, and next in line for the rank or Archangel.  Luscious left RUBICON because he was ordered to kill someone who was very special to him.  He hates his brother's corrupt ways, and wants no part in it. 

Like Nova, Lucious is rumored to be a genetic mutation over 100 years old.
Terubami is the scientist responsible for creating Gauge after his beloved Sakuma was gravely injured.  Unfortunately, after the revolutiion, the process of cloning for personal reasons was outlawed, and his clone was taken away.  Terubami was ordered to be killed by Luscious-- the man who raised him after his parents were killed.
Sakuma is a music-loving orphan who's mother sold her body to RUBICON for genetic expirimentation while pregnant.  After his mother was killed, Sakuma was rescued by young Terubami and put in an orphanage in Sanction 7 where he met Ophelia. 

Sakuma was always extremely gender confused because of being born both male and female, and this caused him to become very troubled.  Sakuma was injured terribly when he stood up to the headmistress of the ophanage.  He ended up jumping from the Orphan train at the age of 15 when he became pregnant with twins to escape the inevitable fate of becoming a body to harvest drones. He gave the twins away to a better home, and out of desperation, became a prostitute.  Sakuma joined a band called "Methods to Mayhem"  as their guitarist and singer.  After a few years, he was found and taken in by Terubami later on, and the two fell in love.  Unfortunately, he would meet an untimely end, and was cloned in an attempt to save his life. This clone is Gauge.  Sakuma's body was put into suspended animation in a RUBICON holding reactor until the day he was able to be saved.  With Terubami "dead" and Luscious missing, That day may never come.

...Or will it?
A mute mechanic that works for Willow, rebuilding technology and recreating RUBICON's robotics.  He was the child of two GENESIS Faction robotics technicians, and was forced to run away from Central after they were murdered for leaking information. n the process he was shot in the face and his jawbone was shattered.  Auturo and his family took him in and saved his life and since then, he has been a valuable asset to Willow and Auturo.
  Dublin Desdemona
  Ellie Pilato
Auturo Pilato
Dr. Monet Ito
Willow Pilato
Gidgette Pilato
Shinji Koto "Koto-San"
Baron Virgo Von Drake
Archangel Nova
Orleans Blackstone
ArcGeneral Rogue
ArcGeneral Saffron
Terubami Koishi
Sakuma Nimura
Kirin Ichimuro